Faith was abandoned in a dumpster and found by a deputy.  The deputy could not keep her in the small apartment, so found someone who would take her in.  She is a beautiful liver nosed lady!  She is wonderful and very goofy, just a big puppy at heart.  Her engine is running constantly, and she will let you know when she needs outside.


The ideal adopter would be someone that is very active, a jogger or person that is physically active.  Faith is very loving, but quite rambunctious when she is outside playing with others.  She gets excited early in the morning and jumps all about as I am letting her outside from her kennel in the  living room to the door.  She’s always a happy camper. She does calm down when she gets situated in the house and lays in her favorite spot.  Her adopter should be an active and positive adult without small children (Faith gets carried away outdoors and runs like the wind).  That girl is fast! She loves to go walking. If the adopter has another dog, that is fine, but it should be a dog that is also active.  She will wear out (annoy an older dog) because she wants to play.  She has never shown aggression toward any of my dogs (:  That livernosed beauty also loves her food!  She gets fed twice a day, once in the morning (small amount) and a much larger portion in the evening.  She wouldn’t necessarily have to have a large yard if she goes walking daily.