Rhody was such a sweet, handsome boy.  We adopted him from RRUS at two years old in July of 2018, a playmate for our Ridgie girl and another dog for our family to love and spoil.  He had stolen our hearts way before he arrived at our home. Rhody was special.  He carried a gene deformity in Ridgebacks that causes Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy.  This was in addition to the Idiopathic Epilepsy that Rhody had already been diagnosed with while with us.

It was not an easy life for our guy.  We tried every medicine combination, both natural and pharmaceutical, different diets, but it came to a point where Rhody had not gone more than two weeks without a 24 hour cluster of 5 to 6 grand mal seizures over several months time.

The frequency and strength of the episodes began to take a toll on Rhody’s cognitive abilities.  It was at that time, we had to make the very difficult decision to end his suffering. Rhody was a mama’s boy and not a day goes by that I do not miss this sweet boy.  I miss his hugs, his sweet kisses that he saved only for when I came through the door, his perky ears at feeding time, his gallops in the yard after a good poop, and him sleeping fox mode in my lap on the recliner.  Rest in peace Mama’s handsome boy, we love you always.