Saul is an absolute doll!

He’s sweet, happy, affectionate, smart and playful. He’s curious about everything, crate trained, nearly potty trained and about 4 months old.
He’s currently being fostered in the San Antonio, TX area and LOVES hanging out outside!

Like all of his siblings, he hasn’t met a stranger – eager to greet every guest!

He loves the grandchildren, the delivery people, his human, and really everyone else.

He happily plays with all the resident dogs….if they’ll play with him, every part of him wiggles!!

Was it clear that he likes tummy rubs, snuggling and sometimes sleeps upside down?
Saul is Ridgeback mixed with probably Fiest and a touch of dachshund…🤷‍♀️?
One vet believes this litter had two different dads…
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