Sonoma is a 4 year old purebred Ridgeback.  She is a gentle soul, with a very sweet temperament.  She is very submissive with other dogs, likes to play with toys and to wrestle with her doggie friends.  She pays no attention to cats, and steers clear of most small dogs.  She is the best with children, and her sweet disposition is very comforting to the little ones.  She is healthy and happy.

Sonoma does suffer from severe storm related anxiety.  She will require a home where there is someone home with her during any storms or fireworks to help keep her calm.  (IN pictures with her foster sibling, Sonoma is on the left.)

sonoma-reading left-sonoma-passed-out sonoma-cuddle sonoma-left-bed sonoma-left-sleep sonomas-girl

smile-sonoma  profile-sonoma-standing  profile-sonoma