Meet Tsavo! He will turn 2 years-old on December 25 and is looking for an adopter who will have consistent boundaries, make time to take him to manners class, and assist him in learning to improve his play skills.

In his short time in foster care, he is learning that clicker training is a fun way to learn and earn treats; he has started nose/hand targeting, sit, and being acclimated to wearing a Gentle Leader. He is also learning to ring PoochieBells to be let outside into the fenced backyard; he is housetrained and has not had a single accident since arriving in his foster home.

Tsavo willingly goes into his crate at bedtime but does eagerly bark when his foster mom arrives home from work each day. He enjoys playing with various toys and even occasionally entertains himself by tossing tug toys in the air and catching them.

With the below zero temps in MN, he could possibly be turned into a retriever as he has gotten some indoor exercise by running up & down the stairs to get a tug toy and return it to his foster mom. He likes figuring out how to get treats out of puzzle toys and chewing on very large Nylabones.

His foster home has two resident (female) Brittanys whom he enjoys playing with, although he needs help learning how to play appropriately with dogs who are smaller than he is. It is unknown how he would interact with other male dogs.

He needs slow introductions to new people and will at first need to be crated when guests arrive. His foster mom tosses treats in his crate when guests arrive so he learns that good things occur when people enter the home.

Tsavo will be a fantastic pet for anyone who will take the time to invest in training him and help him learn to trust people because he is a little skiddish. He is very sweet and wants
people to love him.

Tsavo is an owner-surrender and lived as an only dog in a family with small children where it was reported he was good with children.

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