zuri sit2015-05-18 12.44.02

Zuri is an extremely sweet, 11 years old girl.  She is very outgoing and loves everyone she meets.  She has done very well around her foster’s young granddaughter.  She was originally somewhat scared of her, but now has come to appreciate the miniature human snack machine.

Zuri has also been doing very well with the resident dogs, a Great Dane and a Shih Tzu.  She and the Dane will sleep together on occasion, when their is room for both of them on the couch.  Zuri listens well.  She comes when called or stops what she’s doing when told “No.”  Zuri knows sit and down, and walks very well on a leash.

She can be off lead in her yard without incident, however, she will chase small animals (cats, squirrels, etc) if the opportunity presents itself.

She lives with cats and hasn’t been aggressive with any of our animals or humans.  Zuri exudes personality and can be quite the drama queen.  After her spay surgery, she came home and laid on the couch.  While being pet, she whined and moaned, explaining how horrible life was – when the petting stopped, she would stop whining and nudge his hand for more petting.  Yes, a true drama queen.

Given the opportunity, Zuri would get into garbage if something smelled really good, or try to counter surf.  She is both food and praise motivated.  She is happy to do as you ask for a treat, or just a pat on the head.

Zuri has some ongoing medical issues, and will stay with RRUS in her current foster home being loved!