Founding Patrons

In Honor Of And In Gratitude To All The Ridgeback Lovers
Who Have Made The Founding Of RRUS Possible……



In loving memory of Don Stephen and his beloved Moose

In memory of Ch Riveroads Jhusta Sweet Reward aka Polly.
Also, Huck, Sawyer, Tara, Binti and Sandy

William and Doreen Kent at Relion

Matthew Valdivia

In memory of Lillian Kotler , the beloved mother of Barbara Sawyer Brown from Butch and Sheri Cobb

Arthur Brown and Barbara Sawyer Brown in honor of all of the dogs we could not rescue

In memory of our dear, beloved friend CH Kwetu’s Boomerang
from his daughters Barbi, Misty and grand daughter Chter, his three Nevada girls

Denise Ivie Price

Joyce A. Lazell

Cheryl A. Cote

William Cobb and his ridgeless boy, Comet

Cimarron Ridgebacks

Glenn and Sandy Curtis

John and Susan Yarbrough

Lia Hammer

Butch and Sheri Cobb, Mboni Ridgebacks

Gretchen Block

In honor of a beautiful liver nose girl, Willow

Star Chase Ridgebacks



In memory of Tango, Brushcreek’s Charlie Bubba
Marguerite Chipp-Matthews in loving memory of her baby boy,
Ch. Kimani’s Image of Excellence, JC (“Tex”)

Sarah Orsted

Jim and Amy Herrmann

Judith Wozniak

Amanda and Judith Cato

Carol Munsch

Sandra Fikes

Michelle Armstrong

Tina Moodhart

Eileen M. Bailey

Melissa Carlin

Wendy L. Forbes

Michael and Lauren Kalensky

Dick and Kathy Albee

Rick and Heike Fulton

Marilee Walker

Christine Bugnitz

Ann Garbarino

Brent and Tamie Adams