Hana, inherited February 2015

My husband is in medical sales and began working with a new doctor a few months ago. She mentioned to him one day that she had a dog whom she had a hard time getting out for walks and she felt bad. My husband offered to start walking her dog a few times a week, as he is training for a half marathon and this would help him get in his mileage every week. He began walking Hana a few times a week, some days bringing her over to our house for a few hours to let her play with our 11 month old sheepadoodle, Rogue.

Sadly, last week we got a terrible phone call that the doctor had unexpectedly passed away. Her assistant called my husband to inform him and mentioned to him that she did not know what they were going to do with her. My husband said “of course we will take her!” She has been with us for almost a week now and is adjusting, given the circumstances. I do not have her papers yet and am not smart in the “pure bred” language. But Hana was born in the Netherlands and has a pure bloodline.

The doctor’s family (also from the Netherlands but in town for her Memorial) came over to our house today to say goodbye to her. They shared with me that she always wanted to breed her, but as she got sick, she did not have the energy or the time. I would love to respect her wishes and find a pure bred male for Hana at least once. To honor her mother. I am not sure exactly where to go, but was googling and I found this website and I was hoping someone could share some light on what I could do.

Here is our new Hana girl.