“In Memory of Jafari” 29 February 2000 to 19 March 2011

It is with a heavy heart that Jim and I tell all of you that on Saturday March 19th our beloved Jafari went to the rainbow bridge. His spirit left his earthly form at 9:38 and I could feel it leave.

Jafari came into rescue with the help of RTI and RRUS.  He spent 8 months in TX before coming to Iowa to be fostered with Beth and Gus.  Jafari then known as Sunrise Jeffrey, was deemed unadoptable because he would fight at the drop of a hat.  He would have to fight for food and of course he was “mean”.  When he came to Iowa he had been living outside in a dirt kennel and had never known the joy of living inside with people who care.  Beth and Gus changed his name from Jeffrey to Jafari which means dignified in Swahili.  This name was a perfect fit and he lived up to his name.

When we adopted Jafari on April 9, 2006 we were so excited.  Beth brought him over to our house where he promptly tried to mark a house plant.  I guess it was his way of saying “hi, I’m home”.  In the next few days, he marked one of new chairs but after several frantic calls to Beth about what to do, this stopped and we all settled in for a happy life together.

Jafari filled our hearts with love and joy.  Everywhere he went with us, he captured the hearts of people who met him and there wasn’t a person he didn’t like. His beautiful brown eyes were captivating and he would just look at you and you had to give in.

He was also a wonderful foster brother.  He was kind and very tolerant.  Our first foster dog Chloe would come out of her crate in the mornings and run up to him and either smack him on the head with her paw or sit on his head.  He put up with this behavior the entire time she was with us.

When we were fostering Queen he was fabulous.  Jafari taught her many things she needed to learn.  These things ranged from how to go in and out the door to go potty to loving Jim.  If Jafari thought something was ok, then so did Queen.

In February 2010, he was diagnosed with cancer and had 2 quite invasive surgeries.

Radiation was not an option for him and our wonderful vet even researched a new chemotherapy protocol to try.  He was very upfront with telling us he didn’t know if this work for him or not.  After 2 days on chemo, Jafari was so sick we stopped the treatment.

The tumor on Jafari’s rump was huge and he was very disturbed by it; he kept licking and trying to bite it.  His last night with us was spent with Beth and Gus for some playtime and loving with the first people who ever showed him that people can be good, there would always be food and water and as much love as you could take.  Their home was a second home to Jafari.

Run free Jafari.

Claudia, Jim, Queen, Morgan and foster girl Koko