Georgia is a sweet girl and currently being fostered in Minneapolis, MN.

She is very smart and loving. She knows sit and shake. She willingly goes into her crate (though she prefers to be lured with treats). She needs to learn some leash manners but LOVES her walks. She wags her tail a lot and when really excited, wiggles her whole body, especially when you get the leash or when you show her love. If you let her, she would happily sit in on your lap or share your chair.

Georgia is currently on a diet and doesn’t seem to mind.

Georgia is very obedient (and would clearly work for food). When given boundaries or redirection, she listens (like off the couch or back or wait). She’s eager to please her people! She quickly learned to go to the door if she wants to go potty and she potties both on a leash and in the yard.

Georgia was most likely an only dog but wants to be part of the pack. She’s great with dog introductions but is working on how to play with other dogs.

She LOVES toys and will play with them herself and rolls on her back with them in her mouth. She will fetch a ball or a toy after it’s thrown. Though she’s not a retriever, she does bring the ball or toy back on occasion.

Georgia is believed to be about 5 years-old. She can’t wait to find her forever family! Ideally, there would be another dog, preferably male. She is gentle and sweet, and seems to love her human foster siblings, so kids would be a plus. She would do well in a structured environment  where she will gets lots of love and exercise!

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