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Ridgeback Temperament

The Ridgeback is strong-willed, sensitive & independent. This stems from his ability to hunt independently of human direction; a trait that was very valuable in his native land.

He is a “People Dog”…an affectionate dog, who needs the human companionship of his owner, yet can be quite aloof with strangers. He tends to bond with one person, however, his love will extend to every family member who treats him well. He responds to positive training methods. Harsh treatment does not work with this breed.

This is a hound and possesses many of the typical hound characteristics. The adult Ridgeback has a quiet, laid back temperament and rarely barks. He enjoys spending the day with his owner, lounging in front of the fire or curled up in the corner. However, when alerted & in action, he can quickly become a graceful & powerful hunter or guard dog.

It is important to understand that as puppies these dogs are not different from other puppies in that: A TIRED PUPPY IS A GOOD PUPPY! So realize that a young Ridgeback will not act like an adult and be content to be a “couch potato” all day.


The Ridgeback is a one-man dog, but will extend its love to other loving and caring people in his owner’s family. He will be devoted to his own family and friends, but aloof and dignified with strangers, although temperaments can range from quiet to clownish.

When choosing a Ridgeback, be sure to assess the background and temperament of the prospective pet very carefully, and choose a personality that is best suited to your home and lifestyle. Early, positive socialization is an important part of developing a healthy and stable temperament.

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