Roux August 1, 2004-May 3, 2014

August 1, 2004-May 3, 2014

On April 23, Roux got diagnosed with bone cancer in her right hind leg. At that time, she was still walking well and was not in any pain. This was a total shock, as the swelling just suddenly appeared one day. I thought it was a bee sting or spider bite.
Roux came into my life May 1, 2009. I was happy to be her Mom for 5 short years. It was just not long enough. I made the difficult decision, since it was getting harder for her to walk and I knew as time passed, the situation was only going to get worse. Although I wanted to be selfish, I knew that I could not. Those 11 days got me prepared, well, never prepared, but time to hug and love her even more.
Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. From the early hours, a call to the vet was inevitable. I had to run an errand and upon my return, Roux was laying on her bed on the driveway in the glorious sunshine. As I drove down the road, she got up and met my car and me. She always knew the sound of my engine. My heart rejoiced in her love.
We spent the entire day outside, relishing in the breeze (all those smells!), the birds singing and the sunshine. Lap of Love arrived at 4:00. Roux was home, in her yard, with me and Mike petting her and talking to her. She was protective of her territory until the end by warning the approaching strange vet of her presence.
She has gone to Rainbow Bridge where she was reunited with her Mamer, giving her the kisses that we sent through Roux. She also got to meet her sisters, Rhodie and Anna.
I heard her nails tapping on the floor last night. She is missed and will always be missed, just like her sisters are. Needless to say, this is going to be a hard transition. She was always by my side, looking at me with those beautiful amber eyes.
Always hug and love your furry friends. One never knows what tomorrow will bring. I wanted a lot more time with her.

Kerri Leigh