SUGAR – Florida

Meet Sugar:
Sugar will be a loyal, devoted dog for ‘her’ person! She is very smart and learns commands quickly. She will be an amazing companion to her people. She loves her walks with her new no-pull harness and is learning to do better with distractions.

She would love a running partner. She has lots of energy!

Sugar’s family will want to set boundaries as she’s young and smart! She will be protective of her human in her own home and yard.

Sugar loves car rides and always wants to look out the windows and watch everything.

She loves to snuggle on the couch! She loves her crate, her ‘place’, and goes into it very willingly when necessary.

She’s a bit of a countersurfer; aren’t all ridgebacks? And she loves to help you eat your yogurt and ice cream.

She is doing well in her dog obedience class, but continued training and socializing is needed for her. She may not do well with other dogs or cats. It’s unknown how she will be with small children.

She is very dedicated to her foster mom as she will be with her new owner! She’s a beautiful, healthy girl!

Sugar is located in the Navarre, Florida area.

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