Tamurand 2000-2.9.2014

My heart is broken. Use the funds to help out another Ridgeback, Tam was a credit to her breed. Couldn’t walk more than twenty feet in the end, she had CHF and an infection….but boy did she scarf down that ham, swiss cheese, and smoked gouda I brought her, just before the injections.

What a personality, and an individual that I’ll miss for the rest of my days. We adopted her from a local shelter, and at the same time we adopted a purebred Yellow Labrador, Kaya. Those two became best friends, and spent over ten years digging thousands of feet of holes, chased thousands of rabbits, and ran many miles. Plus of course, worked hard stealing each others toys, food, and beds when one or the other had their back turned. Also had a great packmate with Millie AKA AKC name Once in a Millenium – a Welsh Cardigan Corgi.

Time flies though, and flies faster for our canine family members. I’ve had a few RR’s, and Tam, even though she was probably a mix – what a special friend and family member she was. Never to be forgotten!

I’ll see her again, though, and hear her welcome yodel…one of these days.

We found her in the local dog shelter, abused, just had a litter, and fear aggressive. Took a chance, and boy did she blossom. Truly one of the best dogs we’ve ever had. She was about one or two years old when we found her, and today was the day we had to make the hard decision to help her out, on her final day.

So, today, 2.9.2014, I’m sending you folks a $200 donation in Tamurand’s memory. Take care of another one, and give it a good chance.