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Interested in Applying?

We're so glad you are considering adding a rescued Ridgeback from RRUS to your family. 

Before you take the time to submit an application, we would like to be up front about some important details related to our adoption process:

  1. All adopters must meet and pick up their dog in person, ideally with all members of the family.

  2. RRUS does not ship or transport our rescue dogs to their new homes.

  3. RRUS is a national organization but the majority of our dogs are located in Texas and the Southeast.

  4. Please consider that travel will be required in almost EVERY adoption situation and many times it will be across multiple states (unless you are located in Texas). On average, our dogs travel 600 miles from their point of intake to their final adoption location. If you cannot travel, we advise you to seek out other rescue organizations that may have available dogs closer to you. Please refer to the map below to understand the travel that may be required to find your perfect Ridgeback match.

  5. It is not impossible, but it is rare, that we have dogs located in the Pacific Northwest, California, or the Northeast.

  6. Feel free to read more here or contact us if you would like more clarification on our policies and adoption process.

  7. If all of this sounds fine, please proceed and complete our Adoption Application.

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We Need Your Support Today!

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