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Clark - Happy Tails

Initially named after Clark Griswold of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, this puppy came into rescue on Christmas Eve, having been relinquished to rescue because of his dermoid sinus birth defect.

He was nurtured in Houston before taking a road trip with several volunteers to get him closer to a veterinarian with experience with dermoid removal surgery and a foster family who could nurture him through his recovery. Clark was not used to the cold weather of his new home, and did not like wearing his PJs, even though they kept him warm.

The resident dog, an older RR, was not very excited to have a puppy in the house, especially a persistent puppy like Clark, who was always asking the older dog to play. Eventually, they ended up sharing the couch together. A cold day in February Clark went to meet his new family who hadn’t wanted a puppy or to adopt until April, but somehow they knew that the foster family’s hunch was right, and Clark would be a good fit for them.

Clark is now almost a year old and over 90 lbs, and well-loved.

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