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Rest in Peace, Princess Mollypants

From RRUS adopter, Carla Friedrich:

This year, on January 27, 2022, we lost our beloved Mollypants at 13 years, 9 months of age. When she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she left a huge hole in our hearts; she was a joy to our household.

In 2008, I was looking online and came across a picture of this adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback at the website. As luck would have it, this Ridgie was being fostered nearby in Janesville, Wisconsin and the RRUS Wisconsin coordinator, Mary Malinowski, called us and did a home inspection. Then we set up an appointment to visit the dog and her foster parents (Ronda & Jeff Stewart). The minute I laid eyes on Mollypants in person, I fell in love with her. This gorgeous liver nose ridgeback had a wonderful personality and was so smart.

My husband and I met so many wonderful people through Ridgeback rescue. When we picked up Mollypants at her foster parents' we were given a whole list of things she liked, her schedule, favorite foods, and treats. Everything was written out in detail so we knew her likes, dislikes, and what training to work on.

Then there was the continued support from the WI coordinator, Mary Malinowski. If we had any questions or concerns, Mary was a phone call away and her ridgeback, Otis, quickly became Mollypants' "best buddy." Mary, her husband, Gary, and their son, Zack, became like an extended family. To this day, I am so grateful for the help, kindness, support, and friendship that we got from Mary and her family through the years.

I don't remember the exact year, but Mollypants let us know, in her own discreet way, that she preferred to be called Princess Mollypants. My husband was standing at the back door calling Mollypants to go outside. She was in her favorite spot in the living room, in front of the fireplace on her cushy bed, covered with blankets. My husband called again for Mollypants, with no results, then, jokingly, he yelled, "Princess Mollypants," and she promptly got out from under the covers and went to the door.

When we got her brother, Gus (who was 16 weeks old), Mollypants promptly taught him all her tricks: how to open and close the windows in the car and how to open the door on his kennel. She was so proud of herself for showing him the ropes. She was a faithful companion; when one of us didn't feel well, Mollypants would never leave our side. Mollypants will always be near and dear to our hearts. She loved to run and play, was loyal to the end, and smart as a whip.

Mollypants and best friend, Otis

Mollypants roughhousing with Otis

Princess Mollypants playing

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