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Snacks - TEXAS

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Snacks is a very handsome, ridged PB male. He is 1 y/o and loves to play with all the other resident dogs in his foster home. He was NOT socialized until he came into rescue at 8 months old. He weighs between 75-80lbs.

He is affectionate – at his own pace! He loves going for walks if you can take it slowly in new situations.

He MUST have a home with another well-socialized dog, the more playful the better.

Older kiddos are okay but young ones would probably be too unpredictable for him.

He is definitely interested in the kitties and would love to chase a running cat. He kennels well and uses his kennel as his “safe space” if he feels uncomfortable.

Like a typical Ridgie he is very food motivated and trainable.

His forever family will need to understand that he will require them to take it all at his pace. He’s being fostered in San Antonio, TX.

Please pay attention to the dog’s location. If you would like to adopt a dog from, you must meet the dog in person.

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