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Thank you, Marianne!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Our beloved National Director of the past three years, Marianne Minton Smelley, has stepped down. Marianne was a FORCE, working almost non-stop to help these beloved Ridgebacks in need. Now is the time for her to take care of her own health needs, with upcoming knee replacement surgeries, among other challenges.

We are grateful to Marianne for her leadership and stewardship of this organization. She has led with the needs of the dogs always driving her decisions. She has given heartfully of her time, her energy, and her money. She has been instrumental in growing our membership, expanding our leadership by creating and filling coordinator positions, amplifying our social media presence, increasing the number of dogs we rescue, and securing annual funding from a private foundation.

If you haven't had a phone conversation with Marianne in the past year or so, you likely haven't been on the planet. She has always been just a phone call away, and has talked her way into, through, and around all areas of rescue. Her knowledge, skills, and tireless dedication to RRUS will be greatly missed.

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